Positive Self-talk Challenge

New Year, New Way to Talk to Yourself! Presenting the Positive Self-Talk Challenge! 

If you just feel negative somehow about resolutions at new year's or making changes, then you might want to consider simply adjusting the way you talk to yourself.  This can be a powerful way to feel less anxious, less depressed, less discouraged, less scared, etc.  Wouldn't that be great?

So, I am introducing a "challenge" of sorts for talking to yourself.  Each day in January I will introduce a new phrase or word to replace or add in to your inner dialogue or the way you talk to yourself.

1/2: New way for inner dialogue: "adjustment" instead of change. Like want to change my eating. Try: I want to adjust my food choices when I eat. or I can make an adjustment in my daily schedule to take time to relax. Or, I can adjust the way I talk to myself so I feel better on the inside!

1/3: This is the classic don't "should" all over yourself...
So instead of I should have this ____ and should have that ___, try out I can give myself permission to make mistakes, maybe it really wasn't that bad, I can make a different choice in the future, part of really living is taking risks and making choices and we can't always know how things will turn out...Grace for yourself here is key.

1/4: Positive Thinking Challenge
Replace I am not worthy/good enough with "I am good enough and I am worthy. For now, I will let what someone let me to believe about myself go for today. And, return to considering I can be good enough."

You cannot be nor feel pitiful and powerful at the same time. Today if you start to feel pitiful, replace your thoughts with POWER thoughts.

Remember you may not fully feel like you believe the replacement positive thoughts about yourself yet. This is a process and trying a bit each day will help!

Power thoughts: I can handle this. I can choose to love me. I am capable. I can stay calm and confident.

1/6: Positive Self-Talk Challenge
Replace a negative thought about yourself into "I can choose to celebrate _____ about me." Perhaps your bravery, your smarts, your kind heart, your passion for cooking, etc. What are you going to celebrate about you today?

1/8: Positive Self-Talk Challenge
Today what if you talked about what if's with a positive outcome? For today...and if it works for you, try it tomorrow too! 

1/9: Positive Self-Talk challenge
Today I can live, think, and feel up to my full strength. 
Even if it is for today. What will that be like?

1/10: it's friday! Positive Self-talk challenge: Let's keep it simple today....
Find a few nice words to say to someone else or even jut a smile to a stranger. Then you can say to yourself that you made a difference to adding positive things to this world!

1/11: Looking at the date today, let's have a little fun for the Positive Self-talk Challenge!
At two different points in the day today tell yourself:
"I can make my needs number one priority right now"
And then follow through.
Because you're #1  (cheesy - I know lol)

1/12: Positive Self-talk Challenge:
"Just Notice" Sometimes when things get tough or the unexpected happens or we are just plain ol' tired, "just notice" is a neutral and easy place to fall back on in your mind. It requires nothing more than observing things around you and within you and remaining calm and steady. Just notice....

1/13: Positive Self-talk Challenge: I will delight in living perfectly imperfect today!

1/14: Positive Self-talk Challenge: It's not that I am "too sensitive" (even been "accused" of that?). It's that I am in tune, intuitive, and able to relate to my emotions and the emotions of others. I really have "inner strength" to be able to notice and talk about my emotions and recognized when I have been hurt. I also have the inner strength to consider that when someone is saying that, it might be more about them than about me. 

1/15: I can choose to think of ME in the ways that a friend sees ME. We don't have to be "our own worst enemy" in our views on ourselves and the thoughts that run through each of our minds! Consider what a friend would say about you, thinks about you, likes about being your friend....hang on to a few of those today.

1/16: Be able to laugh with yourself. Instead of becoming upset if you make a mistake, get something wrong, or if you do something silly, be sure to laugh with yourself.

1/17: Celebrating National Literacy Week is wrapping up. So in honor of that, think about a few characters you like from a few books. Use their inner dialogue to inspire you, positive thoughts about you, and what they would say about things in life. Have some fun with this one! What characters are you starting to think of?

1/18: One important element to helping us have a positive peace of mind is to make up our mind about something and stick to it! Changing your mind 85 times in one day about something can really make us feel unsettled and generate doubt and negative thoughts about ourselves. So, when you are faced with a decision today (even if it's to do a load of laundry or not), think it through a bit and then stick to your decision. Then notice how you feel and what you are thinking about yourself at the end of the day!

1/20: In honor of MLK Jr, I am curious about what positive self-talk he used as he got started in his work for civil rights....
How can his work inspire your positive self-talk? Perhaps by reminding yourself you are good enough just the way you are? or, as a validation of a change you are advocating for yourself?

1/21: Instead of excessive guilt or condemning yourself for a past mistake, try replacing with "What wisdom can I take with me from that experience?"

1/23: "I feel best about myself when...." Accomplishments are usually the first to come to mind, but how about other categories like when I wear my favorite sweater, when I bring a smile to someone else, when I am relaxing, when I hug a loved one....

1/24: Let's get back to turning those false beliefs around! What is one negative BELIEF (that is an idea about yourself that you hold to be true even if others can prove otherwise) that you would like to get rid of? Challenge your internal dialogue to turn that around to be more positive and accurate about you! Example: Negative belief - I am too slow. Challenge statement - I take my time with things, I am careful when doing things, I operate at my own pace and that's ok.

1/27: I can handle what comes my way today by focusing on my strengths. I can talk myself positively through things.